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'The State Of Black Film' Black Film Festival Founders 'Speak Out"

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What's on the Horizon?
Lamar Mackson, and founder Ina Norris of Kwanzaa film festival discuss the state of Black Film. What are you looking for? How do you help Black Filmmakers? Where is Black Indie Film Going? How does this effect the filmmakers?

Women Sexuality & Film

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Africa: How to Co-produce between USA and Africa.

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How to work collectively with producers on the African Continent
Moderated by Ina Norris with Bobbi Digi President of Nigerian In Disapora, Natural Langdon International Filmmaker, Melissa Adeymo, Omiira Studios talk how they were able to coordinate producing an Africa. Also, they discuss resources to help make this accessible to most filmmaking.

Film Funding Cooperative Economics

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Conversations with Douglas Holloway of Homestead Media, Ladies of film and televison & John DeBellotte

Drama: The Filmmakers Toolbox in Maintaining a Healthy Mental State.

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Moderated by Life Coach Jackie Morris


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How to get your music in film and television
Bruce Miller of (Mary J Blige Productions) , Pretty Bookings (Copyright Attorney, Sony Records) Terrance Dudley (Grammy Award Nominee Songwriter)

Virtual Casting During Pandemic, BLM

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Casting While Black, Inclusion When?
Professional Casting Agents and Managers discuss how to break barriers of Ageism, sexism, etc to get the role.