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Girls Like Me : a self/love story

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a self/love story
A woman's poetic video diary journey speaks of trauma, abuse...then enlightenment.

Ballet After Dark

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A woman of color heals herself through dance...And uses social media to do the same for others.
Long Synopsis: Real people. Real stories. Real lives. A woman of color heals through dance. After a devastating sexual assault, Tyde-Courtney Edwards use ballet and nude photography of herself to reclaim her body. Using her own experience with healing, she founds Ballet After Dark (BAD), a dance Therapy company with a mission to create a healing space for trauma survivors. Her movement gains more traction and she gets featured in multiple media platforms and articles. Tyde is torn between creating her own mark for her company and finding a space within the traditional dance community. As Tyde struggles to heal herself and make it as a dancer, the teacher must become the student to move forward.


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A woman steps into her light and creates unapologetically
Have you ever felt that the world only sees you as a sliver of who you really are? In this performance art piece, Ingrid Rogers, as a woman of color, expresses her desire to be fully seen and heard. LIBERATE is a call to action to step into your light and create unapologetically.

Forbidden Truth

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This fiction film is based on some true events in some instance, will be told from the point of view of narration. This unique story breathes life into understanding the vital importance of addresing and healing from post-partum depression. The main character Faith Jackson is determined to find out the truth about her sister’s Faye’s death which was documented as crib death. Faith has her doubts about the death of her sister, especially after her grandmother Eva Jackson left a letter for Faith after her death to investigate the death of her Faye Jackson . Faith was not prepared for the hidden secrets and the shame of a mental illness that haunted her and the Jackson family for decades.


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Wham! Ultra Lit!
Cold Sweat is a chilling coming-of-age anthology series about making it to high school in one piece. In our first chapter, "Wham!", Aquila and Sadiquah are two of the best students at 362 MLK Middle School. But when their classmates begin to break out into mysterious rage episodes, the uninfected will have to find the courage to save their school. And their future.

Harriet: The Black Swan In the Year of COVID-19

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The story of the grit, grace and determination of a young woman who led her people to freedom
Four seasons of the life of Harriet Tubman are told through ballet. Spring Harriet: An enslaved girl Summer Harriet: A young woman reaching for freedom Autumn Harriet: A woman leading enslaved people to freedom Winter Harriet: A mature woman who reminisces about her purposeful life.


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Teaching classes during a Pandemic isn’t easy but as a professional you have to weather the storm ⛈.... Check out these teachers as they manage the kids of Virtual learning....oh did we mention the parents?

Finding Elijah

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A mother's story of hope after the suicide loss of her filmmaker son.
Finding Elijah introduces audiences to the creative brilliance of Elijah Johnson-Young, a young man with so much promise, but beset with emotional struggles. Yolonda's determined quest for answers after her son's suicide, opens up the larger conversation of destigmatizing mental illness for young men, particularly young men of color, so that they will more readily seek support. Finding Elijah explores mental health and suicide prevention awareness. Told from a mother’s perspective, Finding Elijah follows a young man’s journey from home; into mental illness, to homelessness, and ultimately to suicide. It explores how a search for answers leads a mother to action.


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Hatshepsut fought as a man, but lived and loved as a woman. A true tale of love and courage despite everything.
A young woman of royal blood tries to secure her throne as the 2nd female Pharaoh in history, but is met with tremendous backlash from a male dominated culture. She ruled as a man, but lived and loved in a forbidden romance as a woman. A true tale of betrayal, love and courage despite everything.

Test Your Love, Too

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Culture…the key to lifting HIV-related stigma in Botswana and Beyond
Set in Botswana, this film depicts a couple navigating live and love in an era of HIV. Mpho and Masego, are very much in love; but they struggle when Masego is diagnosed with HIV. Fearful about the future, the couple’s relationship is in dire jeopardy. Turning to their elders, they come to terms with the diagnosis and learn that HIV positive individuals who are adherent to their treatment and become virally suppressed cannot transmit the virus to their partner, hence stopping the spread of HIV. This film brings to life key public health messaging related to HIV and showcases the natural beauty of Africa as well as the Tswana culture.


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One click, six dots, braille, large print, and audio.
These are the days of our lives. One click, six dots, braille, large print, and audio. Just Ask! Never assume that a blind or visually impaired person is lost. Just Ask!