BLOCK #5 NIA "PURPOSE" Short student films



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Availability ended 1/26/2022 EDT


Availability ended EDT
After straightening her natural hair behind her mother’s back, Maybelline a 14-year old Brooklyn teen who experiences the pressure of looking beautiful must decide rather to remain straight or return to her natural state.

Land Beyond the Veil

Availability ended EDT
When the world wants to keep them apart, only virtual reality can bring them together.
In a dystopian Paris, a young woman uses virtual reality to connect with her mother, who exists in an alternate dimension. When forced to choose between the virtual world and the real one, which will she choose?

Mothers are like Mirrors

Availability ended EDT
Sometimes, are mothers and daughters are like mirrors in the way they are a reflection of each other.
An autobiographical reflection of a young woman's relationship with her mother.

In Sight

Availability ended EDT
I devour you
In post-apocalyptic future Cape Town, a jaded, desperate sex worker, Annika, encounters the blind homeless Lisolethu, whose innocence erupts her plan of self-satisfaction to be a revelation of the deeper void to be fulfilled.

Run Away

Availability ended EDT
Life goes on
On the day of the pandemic of corona virus in Bangladesh , the story of the movie revolves around a Bangladeshi garments worker. At home, she has a mother, a younger sister and a restless father. Can a garments worker go to her mother who lives in village ? Can she buy red clothes and shoes for her sister? Or not!