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Birth of a Union

Despite being full-time employees of the State of North Carolina, the wages of many workers have been so low, that they have qualified for Federal food stamps. The film chronicles the historic and heroic effort to organize low-wage workers in North Carolina, where it is actually illegal for any State agency to agree to a Union contract. While workers in North Carolina’s massive textile mills were finally able to secure a collective bargaining agreement with their employer to improve their wages and working conditions — though it took them 70 years to achieve this —- public sector workers are absolutely forbidden by State law from obtaining such an agreement, a decision that was ratified by the US Supreme Court on the basis of the "states rights" 10th Amendment of the Federal Constitution. Helping to give leadership to these workers has been a dynamic African-American union organizer working through one of the most progressive unions in the country. To date, the film has been accepted to 9 film festivals

Am I Black Enough 4 You?!?!

Am I Black Enough 4 You?!?! - Henry Gates meets Pootie Tang and Borat
A noted comedian shares a story of being told he would never "make it" by prominent Hollywood manager who deemed it wasn't "Black Enough" as he didn't use profanity in his act. This sets a TV host on a path to find out "What is Blackness and Who Defines it?" as well as "Who Is the Blackest Man in America? Starring AJ Jamal and E. George Perry. Featuring Maya Azucena, Jacqueline Rhinehart, Buddy Lewis, Monet Cherise, Sharland Hendrix, and Carmen Rodgers.

The Unspoken Truth

The Unspoken Truth
This movie is “a wake up call” for it’s viewers. It’s time to tap into true wisdom, unleash inner freedom and create a different reality. To be able to do that, you need to face the unspoken truth - the one that most of us avoid, neglect and prefer to suppress. We brought together women from 20 different countries to share their experience, tools and success stories to inspire others to stand out, step into their real power and live an extraordinary life. It was challenging to create the Movie during the lockdown and self-isolation period. At the same time it was a perfect moment to bring more light, inspiration and hope.