An Exercise In Empathy


Availability ended 1/26/2022 EST
California State University-Chico (CSU) and the surrounding community remains profoundly affected by the death and destruction of the Camp Wildfire of 2018.Knowing of that suffering, and that grief is cyclic, Dr. September Williams, physician-author, and bioethicist seized the chance, when it was offered, to share her work on Narrative Bioethics, Cross-Cultural Competency, and end of life care at CSU. The date was set for February 12, 2020, unbeknownst to all that it would be during the rising phase of America’s arm of SARS-CoVID19. This pandemic again underscores that health inequities are related to geographical location, race, class, human, and political behavior. More than anything COVID19, like the Camp Fire, should redouble efforts for better integration of science, research, and humanities to promote public health. Film producer-director and journalist, Cedric O’Bannon, immortalizes ‘September Williams Visit to CSU-Chico’ in honor of researchers, teachers, and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the SARS-CoVID19 Pandemic. This film is close captioned in multiple languages with Latin Alphabets


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